PROBAR is the perfect example of necessity giving birth to invention. In the late 1990s, Art Eggertsen, a natural food chef and snowboard fanatic, was living, working and playing at Utah’s famous Snowbird Ski Resort. He had “the life”: a great job, lots of friends, and plenty of deep snow and steep mountains surrounding him. As a natural chef advocating health and good nutrition, Art quickly built a strong reputation and became known as the local “Food Coach”.

Little did he know his passion for whole foods, and supporting others through their nutritional journey, would soon lead to an explosive opportunity. One day while hitting the slopes, Art found himself absolutely starving. He searched his pack only to find bland-tasting, rock-hard energy bars, which he’d sooner chuck to a squirrel than force down his throat. He considered and quickly rejected the next alternative, greasy slope-side-fare of cheeseburgers, fries, and soda. Lucky for us, his empty stomach would not let him continue so famished.

Determined not to let another day of fresh powder go to waste due to hunger, Art took things into his own hands. He needed a better bar - one that not only tastes great, but packs a substantial nutritional punch. He went to his kitchen and started experimenting. He shared each new bar he created, and there were many, with his food-coaching clients. Soon they were begging for more.

The buzz was contagious. The talk caught the attention of one of Art’s entrepreneurial friends, and before Art knew it he was blending up his first big batch of bars in a local test kitchen. PROBAR was born.


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