Montane® was created over 18 years ago. Founded by a young passionate engineer who in between venturing out to explore the remote and wild places of this earth, began sewing garments for friends and fellow mountain enthusiasts. It's a classic beginning really.

Innovation was the start. The first super packable and lightweight windshirt, the first extreme conditions one layering system. The focus was and always will be on pushing the limits of garment design in order that those who are attracted to wild places can raise the limits of endurance and adventure in the mountains.

Those in the past and those who now currently work and belong to Montane® from designer, office support, sales, sponsored athlete and active user help perpetuate that pursuit of innovation. A pursuit that enables all of us in the mountains to move.... Further. Faster.

Top Selling Products

NewDeep Cold Down Jacket

Men's Deep Cold Down Jacket

Our Price: $549.00

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NewAlpine Stretch Jacket

Men's Alpine Stretch Jacket

Our Price: $149.00

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NewAstro Ascent Trousers

Men's Astro Ascent Trousers

Our Price: $319.00

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NewAtomic Jacket

Men's Atomic Jacket

Our Price: $199.00

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