Luna Sandals

We believe that when we become more connected and in tune with our own bodies, as well as with each other, we can often regain a fundamental source of happiness and good health. Our bodies are not broken by design, and when we trust them, our instincts, and our desires, we often find a more genuine expression of who we are.

Luna Sandals is interested in the designs of traditional sandals from all over the world: sandals made out of natural, sustainable materials that are easy to make by hand with simple tools. Minimalist footwear traditions are part of our shared heritage and the folks at Luna Sandals believe in preserving them, and encouraging others to do the same.

Their sandal collection represents the best fruits of their experiences and experiments with old-school footwear and gleanings from insights that they have gathered from both their ancestors and their customers. Through small-scale, sustainable production, they give a growing audience a chance to try what they consider to be fine minimalist running sandals that happen to also be great everyday footwear.

Luna Sandals believe that building community, encouraging health, wellness, fun, and adventure is more important than a standard business model.


Visit the Luna Sandals Website.

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