Bell Plantation

Bell Plantation, Inc.,an agricultural research company, was founded by Mr. J. C. and Mrs. Jo Bell in 1991. The initial goal of the company was to develop the ways and means for the American farmer to increase the family's income by creating consumer ready products from the commodities grown on the farm. The growth and diversity of Bell Plantation, Inc. can be directly attributed to the agricultural community, our customers, and the support of people who have encouraged us over the years.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), a peanut crop surplus of 1.2 billion pounds exists at this time. Both the USDA and farmers across America are working to develop methods which make good use of the excess peanut yield. In an effort to benefit the American farmer, Bell Plantation Inc. took on the challenge of using approximately 900 million pounds of the peanut crop surplus to create new peanut-based consumer products.

According to USDA figures, the average return for an American farmer is about 0.95% - less than one percent of his total investment. “We established Bell Plantation, Inc. to help farmers make money,” says J.C. Bell, CEO. Due to much lower costs of living in other countries, a farmer on the international market could potentially sell his commodity for five times less than the American farmer can afford to sell his commodity.

Therefore, American farmers, the very foundation of our country, are faced with the extreme need of finding more efficient and profitable ways to sell their crops. By creating new products made from peanuts, the farmer and the consumer find themselves in a win-win situation. This is where Bell Plantation Inc. enters the picture. It appears the picture is becoming much more promising.

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